Our Mission

To deliver high quality Webdesign content, examples, and tutorials to Jenks High School students and hone their design and coding skills for the 21st century.

Why search the web for design examples. Paperspread is the solution for students and parents to experience and see what Web Design is all about. Paperspread also provides current information over Tulsa Technology Center, Business Professionals of America, and CareerTech.

Why Paperspread?


Stay current on information happening in your Web Design class, BPA, and CareerTech


The goal at Paperspread is to provide cutting edge techniques for creating top-of-the-line Web pages. With our step-by-step tutorials, you can create anything.


Check out the websites created by founder of paper spread. Located under the portfolio tab at the top or by clicking the button below. By reviewing the portfolio, you want a chance to understanding experience level update Tulsa Tech web design instructor.


Every year trends coming go just like seasons. Take a lot of effort to make sure your current on all trends. Our job is to make sure we give great examples and stay current on the web design trends.


One goal for Tulsa technology center is to provide the opportunity to gain advanced placement or Industry leading certifications. At paper spread, students and parents can see the progress of their student on average test scores. Parents and students can compare their test scores against those across all web design courses offered technology.


Important Documents

Students and parents will have access to important documents in regards to Tulsa technology Center in Jenks Public Schools. Located on the navigation bar under parents and students, visitors should see a link for important documents. On this page you will find many different forms you were able to print or fill out online.


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